3. Our Products

Spoon Me products cater to the health-conscious and hip crowds who live fun and active lifestyles. Our concept caters to business owners who can understand the importance of capturing each day part: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and after-dinner.

Frozen Yogurt
The proprietary Spoon Me yogurt is all-natural, with no artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavorings. It’s healthy yogurt: millions of live and active cultures, fat-free, and low-calorie. Customers can serve themselves 16 total yogurt flavors with a selection of over 50 toppings (including fresh fruits, granola, and other delicious toppings). Click here to see all our flavors!

Spoon Me smoothies combine frozen yogurt, real fruit, and refreshing juices–it’s the way smoothies were meant to be served. Add one of our 10 supplement options to give your smoothie and your body an extra kick. Click here to see all our flavors!

Juice and Oatmeal
Spoon Me’s hot and topped oatmeal offers a great health breakfast alternative for the active, on-the-go customer. Freshly-squeezed apple, orange, and carrot juices, along with nutrient-packed wheatgrass and green tea shots, get customers pumped any time of day.

Spoon Me Gear
It’s fun to be Spooned: Spoon Me stores sell branded clothing and other retail items that play on the Spoon Me brand. We have a vast array of shirts, pants, hats and even underwear which have been designed to be appealing and fashionable for our core demographic. Our customers don’t just buy Spoon Me gear because they love our store, but because they love the gear itself.