2. Our Passion

We’ve gone beyond selling yogurt to establish a brand that is fun, appealing, and extremely memorable. You can’t help but smile when you see “Spoon Me”; it’s what makes Spoon Me a captivating brand in today’s business environment. Our franchises capture the attention of customers searching for a unique experience.

“The name has actually become a product…which has been monetized to create a whole new revenue stream.”

Alexandra Watkins, Chief Innovations Officer of Eat My Words

Dule Concept Dual Concept
Spoon Me is a unique frozen yogurt franchise company that offers a dual concept model: self-serve frozen yogurt and a full-service smoothie and juice bar. By offering healthy smoothies, fresh-squeezed juices, and fresh fruit-topped oatmeal, Spoon Me expands beyond delicious frozen yogurt to give customers great options during any part of the day. The dual concept serves all day parts by combining the best of two successful consumer accepted ideas.

Multiple Revenue Steams Dule Concept
The Spoon Me brand offers additional revenue stream from the sale of branded retail items such as T-Shirts, stickers, and other clothing items, giving customers additional buy-in to the Spoon Me experience

Innovative Marketing: Dule Concept
Spoon Me mixes traditional marketing with aggressive grassroots and Internet marketing to drives sales. Spoon Me has worked diligently to ensure that our brand is being communicated in our stores and marketing efforts. For example, we’ve developed a Spoon Me iPhone app that allows customers to check in when they enter a store, receive unique offers as well as track and redeem their loyalty card reward point.

Click here to download the Spoon Me app for yourself!

Store Design and Build Out
Dule Concept Every detail of our modern concept stores, from the walls and seating, to the bathrooms, are a designed experience. Spoon Me has a distinct modern theme and build-out, setting it apart from boring traditional frozen yogurt stores.

Eco Friendly Dule Concept
Spoon Me is a green company that uses eco-friendly products when it can. Spoon Me works with several companies to ensure it plays a role in preserving the environment while maintaining a successful business model.