Name of the Day

on April 12th, 2010 No Comments

What is this “Name of the Day” thing, anyway?  Since we’ve gotten plenty of questions just like this, here’s how it works:
Every day, we collect name requests from our Facebook fans.  We take those names and make a big list.  Every month, we put those names (in order of request, of course) into a calendar.
On the day that belongs to you, you can bring in a friend and get two half-sized yogurts for the price of one!
Spoon Me doesn’t care if you’re a Caitlin with a K instead of a C, or whether your name is Samantha or Samuel when the name is Sam.
We’ll even put those super unique names on the calendar, too.  Each month (starting in May) we’ll have two unique name days with three names on each day.
If your name lands on a Sunday—some Spoon Me locations don’t spoon on Sundays—you can either spoon the Saturday before or the following Monday.
And don’t forget, Spoon Me fans spoon FREE on their birthdays.

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