Frozen Yogurt Dessert Your Girlfriend Will Love

Summer is coming, and all sweetums would like to taste some frothy and low-fat sweet. If your girlfriend keeps fit, but she doesn’t mind treating herself — make her happy with tasty frozen yogurt desserts. The following recipes are so simple that you’ll be able to cope with them if you are a hopeless cook.

Berry Cupcakes

To cook that dessert, you will need yogurt (180g.), raspberries (300g.), grinded almonds (30g.), coconut oil (2 tbsp.), and honey (2 tbsp.). As soon as you make sure that you have all the ingredients, mix grinded almonds and melted coconut oil in a bowl. Then, mix honey and yogurt in another bowl. Put a little of the almond mixture into the silicone baking molds, add 2 tbsp. of yogurt, and decorate with berries at the top. Put cupcakes in the freezer and keep them there for 4-6 hours. Your delicacy is ready!

Chocolate and Banana Yogurt Bars

The ingredients you need are yogurt (500g.), 2 bananas, sugar-free cocoa powder (4 tbsp.), and honey (2 tbsp.). Mix yogurt, honey, and cocoa powder. Then, slice bananas. Cover a baking sheet with parched paper, pour half of the yogurt mixture on it, put sliced bananas at the top, then pour the rest of yogurt mixture and, finally, decorate with bananas again. Put the mold in a freezer for 2 hours. Please enjoy!

Frozen Blueberries With Yogurt

All you need is yogurt (150g.) and blueberries (100g.), but it doesn’t mean than this dessert will be less amazing. Wash blueberries thoroughly and lay them out onto a paper towel to dry off. Meanwhile, prepare toothpicks and a baking sheet covered with parched paper. Poke a blueberry with a toothpick, and dip each berry in yogurt and swirl until yogurt coats a berry well, and put it on paper. Repeat this process with each berry. Place a baking sheet into a freezer for one hour as soon as all berries are coated with yogurt.

Dessert With Homemade Granola

This yummy dessert has more stages of preparation, but if you don’t get sucked into the Internet reading ashley madison review, you’ll manage to cook it. You’ll need: porridge oats (150g.), walnuts (50g.), cinnamon (1 tbsp.), honey (2 tbsp.), oil (1 tbsp.), natural drinking yogurt (500g.), berries you like, and mint. The first step is to make homemade granola. Chop walnuts. Then, mix porridge oats and honey, add grinded walnuts, cinnamon, and oil. Put this mixture on a baking sheet and preheat on the stove and dry granola out within 30 or 40 minutes, stirring it from time to time. When your granola is ready, put one tablespoon of it into each cupcake silicone baking mold, and pour yogurt right up to the brim. Then, add berries, and place granola on the top. Your treat is almost ready, and you just need to put it in a freezer for 6-8 hours. One small tip: if the frozen portions are hard to remove from mold — leave them for 10 minutes at room temperature and decorate each cupcake with mint leaves. Bon appétit!
As you may have noticed, the frozen yogurt desserts can be cooked easily and can become a welcome addition to your date. All you need is just extra time, as these culinary delights need to be frozen well enough. Try to make any of the suggested desserts, and your girlfriend will love it!