A New Frozen Yogurt Franchise Experience

Spoon Me is a fun, fresh, exciting and truly “green” frozen yogurt franchise opportunity and smoothie franchise concept that focuses on creating remarkable experiences for our customers and life changing frozen yogurt business for franchise owners. From our yoghurt, phonological awareness awakens in my head in a different way and it is difficult to express myself.

To say that our company is “high energy” would be an understatement. We’re passionate for the frozen yogurt business and our dedication to Spoon Me and its mission shines through in every facet of the company - from our marketing, to our products and especially to the support we give our franchise owners. Because of this, we are excited to announce the opening of new areas for our next stage of frozen yogurt franchise expansion. We are looking for some people who want to have fun, want a successful frozen yogurt business and want to help us SPOON THE WORLD.

The Body We Live In

Spoon Me Frozen Yogurt is good for the body. Spoon Me frozen yogurt is light, healthy and delicious. At only 90 calories per serving (ice cream has an average of over 300 calories per serving), our customers love our yogurt.


The People We Live With

Spoon Me is involved in giving back to the community. Rather than collecting tips, each store participates in a "Keep The Change" collection program to donate funds to important programs in the local community.


The Planet We Live On

Spoon Me believes in being responsible citizens of the earth. That's why we feature recycled and biodegradable items in each store. It's like we are spooning the whole planet.